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Yoga Studio Provides Course on Sanskrit Language

Yoga-Class-NBColumbus yoga facility Yoga-Well-Being offers a four-week series of hour-long Saturday classes entitled “Beginning Sanskrit for Yoga,” starting July 12 and continuing through August 2. The origins, postures, chants and mantras of yoga are directly intertwined with Sanskrit, a language used during the era when, and in the region where, yoga developed in India, and where it is still spoken to this day.

The classes will explore the written script, Devanagari, and the proper pronunciation of key vocabulary words. Yoga-Well-Being founder Sipra Pimputkar stresses the course is accessible to anyone, regardless of prior yoga experience or foreign language study. “Translation skills are not the goal of this workshop. Rather, the overall objective is to develop an appreciation for and familiarity with Sanskrit in general,” says Pimputkar.

Course instructor Suzanne Schier-Happell is a faculty member in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Otterbein University in Westerville.

Cost: $100. Location: 1890 Northwest Blvd. For more information, call 614-432-7553 or visit

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