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Yoga Studio Offers Virtual Classes

Yoga NBYoga-Well-Being (YWB) is testing a live web stream as part of a larger effort to make yoga accessible to all. These classes, entitled “Yoga Well Being”, are taught by YWB founder Sipra Pimputkar. She ultimately plans to expand this initiative to encompass all instructors across the entire facility class schedule.

The program was developed at the request of two students: a traveler from Sweden who enjoyed a class but was unable to find anything similar upon returning home, and a frequent local attendee who needed the flexibility and convenience of remote classes.

Virtual classes allow frequent travelers the opportunity to attend sessions while they are away, and afford those impacted by inclement weather a chance to still practice. “No longer does a stay-at-home parent have to worry about finding a sitter in order to take a class,” adds Pimputkar.

Participants must have Internet access, a webcam and a microphone so the instructor and student can observe and communicate with each other.

Location: 1890 Northwest Blvd., Ste. 341, Columbus. For more information, call 614-432-7553 or visit

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