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Wellness Center Announces New Location

Renew Wellness NBRenew Wellness has recently moved from Whitehall to Gahanna. The center was founded in 2012 by Anna Schott and Cassie Starinsky, two social workers with prior experience in mental health care and counseling. “We worked for many years in a traditional mental health treatment system, and found that mode of therapy was not enough,” says Schott. “We recognized how real change comes from connecting the mind, body and spirit to help guide individuals toward discovering their best selves.”

The center applies their philosophy through an approach to care that offers a comprehensive roster of healing methods. This includes mental health therapy, yoga and meditation, fitness and wellness counseling and massage therapy, as well as bodywork and energy work techniques such as qigong and Reiki.

The new facility allows for additions to, and expansions of, this range of services. The yoga program, integral to the Renew Wellness process toward healing, has grown to encompass a variety of classes in Vinyasa, Gentle, Power, Ashtanga Fusion and Zin. Each Renew Wellness client is given a free membership to yoga classes for the duration of their treatment program.

Location: 287 W. Johnstown Rd. For more information, call 614-305-5102 or visit

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