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Treadmill Desks Boost Job Performance

HB_1114_LifeSpanTreadmillDeskIn addition to improving fitness, University of Minnesota researchers found that treadmill walking at the desk also boosts productivity and morale. The study tested 40 adults that used treadmills for a year. Self-assessments, combined with supervisor assessments, found that treadmill walking while working increased performance levels. Work performance improved by an average of 11 percent based on supervisor assessments, and 7 percent based on the employee self-assessments.

A study from Rutgers University tested 66 adults while they walked on treadmills set for low intensity versus when they were seated at desks, with two days separating the tests. Measurements of reading comprehension, attention span and response speed skills and performance show these were unimpeded by treadmill walking when compared with sitting.

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