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Transitioning to Greener Cleaning

by Felicia Brower

Greener Cleaning LASuzanne Polsinelli of Edge Green Cleaning, a green cleaning company based in Columbus, urges people to use safe cleaning supplies and to understand why traditional cleansers can be dangerous. “Regular cleaning supplies can be so toxic, and they can become more toxic when used in dangerous combinations,” says Polsinelli.

Completely switching to green cleaning products can seem intimidating, but it is important to remember that not everything needs to be replaced at the same time. Polsinelli recommends starting with tub and toilet cleaners. “You’re usually using hotter water when you clean, and when it gets to a certain temperature, you can start ingesting the chemicals to a lower level in your lungs,” says Polsinelli. “Most people don’t wear gloves, use masks or use cross ventilation when they clean either. When you get in the shower after you clean, the chemicals also touch your skin and your soap.” The risk of all of the different points of exposure makes the bathroom a prime place to start the switch to green products.

Those who do not want to create cleaning products from scratch can find several alternatives available for purchase in stores. To determine if the cleaning product is actually green, research the company’s background. To save money on cleaning supplies, buy them from stores that value sustainability. At regular grocery and retail stores, green cleaning supplies are considered “specialty items” and will cost a little more than non-green items.

Finally, people interested in green cleaning but who do not have the time to clean their homes themselves can hire a residential green cleaning company to do it for them. A simple Internet search can locate the closest available green cleaning resource.

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Felicia Brower is a freelance writer based in Columbus. Connect at or email

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