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Yoga Studio Opens in Hilliard

Mat Happy Yoga is a new yoga facility begun by sisters Rhiannon Skipper and Kelly Mehring. Skipper says they want to “provide the community a warm and welcoming place where groups of friends, couples, and individuals looking to connect with a supportive community can come to de-stress and get fit.” Mehring adds, “The studio is equipped with joint-friendly, sustainable cork ... Read More »

Yoga Gathering Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Yoga Outreach Columbus, a community event bringing together instructors and students from yoga studios throughout the Central Ohio area, will once again hold its annual meeting of yogis in the Hamilton Williams Campus Center at Ohio Wesleyan University. The function will take place on Sunday, February 22 from 10 a.m. to noon, with a social hour and light lunch from ... Read More »

Healthy Screen Time

Kids Can Live Healthier Using These Apps by Julianne Hale In today’s technology-fueled society, kids spend many hours of their free time staring at smartphones or tablets instead of exploring nature, riding bikes or playing outdoor games with their friends. Instead of merely imposing radical reductions in screen time, parents and caregivers can meet youngsters halfway by adding apps to ... Read More »

Yoga Breathing Helps Ill Kids’ Lungs

Researchers from Brazil’s University of São Paulo have found that hatha yoga breathing exercises can significantly improve lung function in children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a disease that often ends in premature death from respiratory failure. The average age of the 26 children that completed the study was 9-and-a-half years old. Participants were taught how to perform hatha yoga breathing ... Read More »

Om-Based Care

Holistic Healers Reach Out to Underserved An annual report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that up to 33 percent of uninsured people are avoiding needed treatment for economic reasons. Lifestyle changes and natural remedies like yoga and massage therapy can be highly effective when treating conditions such as high blood pressure, depression or aching joints. ... Read More »

Singing the World Awake

The Healing Power of Sound by Tom Kenyon [Article adapted from the film, Song of the New Earth] When I was a youngster, I clearly remember reading a book, The Boy Who Sang to the World, although I later learned it doesn’t exist. I read it in some other realm of consciousness and that’s what I became. I sang to ... Read More »

Discovering Playfulness and Finding Peace

Kelli Joyce Strikes a Balance through Yoga Instruction by Jenny Patton “Hang in there, you guys. You’re almost done,” says yoga instructor Kelli Joyce, as we groan while holding the hip-opening pigeon pose for longer than expected. “Only two more breaths,” she says with bright eyes and a broad smile. The groans get louder. “Seriously, Kel?” quips client Lynn Ginsburg. ... Read More »

Granville Yoga Studio Moves and Grows

A Place to Call Om has expanded and relocated in order to accommodate a fuller staff of nine teachers and a bolstered schedule, including double the amount of courses with classes held seven days a week. “This new space will give us the flexibility to expand with student demands, while keeping the student/teacher ratio low,” says owner and founder Leigh ... Read More »

Community Spotlight: Yoga on High Foundation

Bringing the Healing Power of Yoga to Those in Need by Susan Post For centuries, yogis have known about the healing benefits of practicing yoga. Not only can it help ease anxiety, depression and insomnia, it also helps practitioners to become more in touch with their bodies. Now, as more research causes modern science to validate yoga’s soothing ways, it ... Read More »

Clintonville Resident Introduces In-Home Yoga Instruction

Burgundie Miceli, a native of the Clintonville neighborhood in Columbus, got the idea to start her home-based business, Yoga Happiness, after a series of conversations about managing wellness inside busy daily schedules. This led to the realization that more people could begin practicing yoga if they had a teacher who could provide lessons at the student’s residence. Her sessions are ... Read More »

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