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Community Spotlight: Yoga on High Foundation

Bringing the Healing Power of Yoga to Those in Need by Susan Post For centuries, yogis have known about the healing benefits of practicing yoga. Not only can it help ease anxiety, depression and insomnia, it also helps practitioners to become more in touch with their bodies. Now, as more research causes modern science to validate yoga’s soothing ways, it ... Read More »

Tapping Acupressure Points Heals Trauma in Vets

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) may be an effective treatment for veterans that have been diagnosed with clinical post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. EFT involves tapping on acupressure points while focusing on traumatic memories or painful emotions in order to release them. As part of the Veterans’ Stress Project, ... Read More »

Understanding Health by Studying the Past

by Patrice Rancour How does childhood trauma affect our health and well-being during adulthood? To what extent do abuse, neglect and dysfunction result in medical and psychological issues later in life? The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDCP) and Kaiser Permanente’s Health Appraisal Clinic are jointly studying these associations by tracking the health of 17,000 individuals in the Adverse ... Read More »

Stretch and Heal

Yoga Releases Emotions, Builds Resilience by Sarah Todd When a woman separated from her husband last fall, she tried hard to shut down her emotions. A 30-year-old working mother of two young boys, she felt she couldn’t afford to be sad or angry, even as she contemplated divorce. But something shifted when she began taking yoga classes in her town ... Read More »

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