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Local Pet Waste Removal Service Now Collects Kitchen Compost Scraps

Green Scoop, a Central Ohio sustainability company, continues to demonstrate a dedication to recycling by rolling out a new collection bin for food waste. The bins are provided free with a subscription to the 15-dollar monthly service, but must be returned upon cancellation. Current Green Scoop customers can “add-on” the new component of the company services for $7.50. Owner Jendell ... Read More »

Chiropractor Opens New Practice in Grove City

Tree of Life Chiropractic is a family-oriented clinic run by Dr. Jason Feltz, a third-generation chiropractor and graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Feltz has been practicing in the Columbus area for two years, and this is his first solo venture. He has experience caring for all ages, from infants and children to pregnant women, adults and the ... Read More »

Youth Activists

World Peace Caravan to Travel in the Middle East in 2015 The World Peace Caravan, founded by the nonprofit D. Gary Young Foundation, is a global peace movement scheduled to conduct a 12-day camel caravan from Petra, Jordan, to Jerusalem, Israel, from December 15 to 26, 2015. It will be spearheaded by a delegation of 12 youth ambassadors, ages 16 ... Read More »

Sustainable Cityscapes

Urban America is Going Green in a Big Way by Christine MacDonald Today, buzzwords like “sustainability” and “green building” dominate discussions on how to overcome the unhealthful effects of climate change, extreme local weather events and pervasive pollution. Now, a growing body of research indicates an unexpected upside of living greener; it not only makes us healthier, but happier, too. ... Read More »

Eartha and Rain

Environmentally Sustainable Businesses Develop Partnership by Susan Post Two local businesses owners are helping each another while advancing their respective missions to run environmentally sustainable operations. Rain Brothers and Eartha Limited are building bridges between both rainwater and recycling and demolition and compost. The two businesses share an acre lot in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus. Being located in such ... Read More »

Flight Zone

Airports Establish Bee-Friendly Acres The Common Acre is a nonprofit partnering with the airport serving Seattle, Washington, and the Urban Bee Company ( to reclaim 50 acres of vacant land to plant native wildflowers as pollinator habitat for hummingbirds, butterflies and disease-resistant bee colonies. A GMO-free (no genetic modification) wildflower seed farm is also in the works. Bees present no ... Read More »

Heroes Among Us

Organic Farmers Restore Our Faith in Food by Melinda Hemmelgarn From epidemic childhood obesity and rising rates of autism and food allergies to the growing risks of pesticides and climate change, we have many reasons to be concerned about the American food system. Fortunately, many heroes among us—family farmers, community gardeners, visionaries and activists—are striving to create a safer and ... Read More »

Best Weddings

Small, Simple, Sustainable Every couple wants their wedding to reflect their values. Concern for the environment prompts planning that supports eco-friendly local businesses and avoids generating the considerable waste and carbon footprints of traditional events. Veteran green wedding planner and environmentalist Kate Harrison, author of The Green Bride Guide, who blogs at, assists couples through the process.“I advise couples to look ... Read More »

Local Sustainability Group Raises Funds and Organizes Earth Day Event

Green Columbus is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to educating and engaging the Central Ohio community on sustainability issues. The group will host a Green Drinks fundraiser from 6 to 8 p.m. on March 19, at the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Columbus. The event will include a silent auction, and all money raised that evening will be used during ... Read More »

Handy Curriculum

Shop Class Teaches Sustainability According to a report in The Boston Globe, some American schools are regretting their decision to cancel woodshops in the 1990s in order to make room for new technology-based learning. Shop class is valuable for students that don’t navigate traditional academic settings well, empowering them to actively learn and produce tangible, functional results. Doug Stowe, a ... Read More »

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