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Practitioner Spotlight: Leaves of Life

Integrative Wellness Center Promotes Natural Healing by Susan Post Traditional medicines are often prescribed as a treatment to cover up or eliminate symptoms without then digging deeper into the actual cause of an ailment. This is not the case at Leaves of Life. The professionals at this holistic office work to combine naturopathy, herbalism, lifestyle modifications, functional/integrative medicine and bio-identical ... Read More »

Getting to the Root Cause of Disease

It’s All About Metabolism by Linda Sechrist Attempts to tender lay explanations of how to attain and maintain better health have become fragmented and compartmentalized, with complex scientific cause-and-effect explanations of disease regularly reduced to isolated infographics and sound bites in the media. But understanding our body’s sophisticated, self-regulating, self-correcting and interdependent physiological systems, which work in collaboration with each ... Read More »

Tired of Being Tired

The Search for Extra Energy by Dr. Julia Keiser Have Friday nights become a sofa marathon rather than a time to play? Have important and joyful events become too much to manage? Are friends and family being slighted because there is just no energy left to chat, catch up or even care about others? It seems like today we all ... Read More »

Co-Sleeping with Pets

Is Sleeping Together Healthy? by Erik J. Martin There was a time when Eliska, a three-pound Prague ratter, would curl up and sleep next to owner Krista DeAngelis, and most of the time she and the dog enjoyed a peaceful night’s slumber. Then DeAngelis married, and her husband banned the dog from the bed for fear of unintentionally squashing Eliska ... Read More »

Developing a Powerful Immune System

Dr. Julia Keiser, Chiropractor at Worthington Optimal Wellness Cut out sugar: Sugar weakens the immune system and provides a growth medium for viruses and bacteria Manage stress: Prolonged stress can contribute to chronic disease. The director of the Mind/Body Institute at Harvard University says that each time she consults with a newly diagnosed cancer patient her first question is, “What ... Read More »

Quick Tips for Short Snoozes

How to Get the Most out of a Nap by Lane Vail Sleep, along with nutrition and exercise, shapes the backbone of overall health, yet 40 percent of Americans get an insufficient amount, according to a recent Gallup survey, and the potential health risks are considerable. “Sleep deprivation affects every organ system and disease state,” says Michael Breus, Ph.D., a ... Read More »

Tongue Diagnosis Reveals Sleep Disorders

Traditional medicines have long utilized tongue analysis to diagnose various disorders. Now, a recent study from the Republic of Korea’s Institute of Oriental Medicine supports the accuracy of this ancient health practice in the area of sleep dysfunction. The researchers studied two separate groups of 153 people and 454 elderly people; in both, the color of their tongues was analyzed ... Read More »

When That Loving Feeling Is Gone

Five Tips to Boost Your Energy by Trudy Pieper In the spirit of the Righteous Brothers and Valentine’s Day, here are some tips to put a spring back in your step through simple dietary and lifestyle changes, including a list of supplements to supply a burst of energy. Tip #1: Choose the Right Foods to Provide Pep Foods that give ... Read More »

Sweet Slumber

Co-Sleeping in the Family Bed by Mark Sisson Every young mammal on Earth sleeps in close contact with its mother and other family members. They’ve been co-sleeping for security, warmth, comfort and protection for millions of years of evolution. Although it is generally frowned upon in the United States, many human cultures, including most in East Asia, the Pacific islands, ... Read More »

’Tis the Season to Be Wise

A Prime Time to Rejuvenate and Birth Creativity by Lane Vail For California acupuncturist Daniela Freda, counseling patients that grapple with low energy during winter is routine. “They’re often concerned something is wrong, since our society expects us to feel the same way year-round,” says Freda, who maintains a private practice in San Francisco. “But in fact,” she adds, “everything ... Read More »

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