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Smart Solar

Japan Floats New Nuclear Alternative Two companies in Japan have announced they will begin building two huge solar power islands that will float on reservoirs, following the inception of the Kagoshima floating solar plant as the country’s largest, which opened in late 2013 just off the country’s southern coast. The new direction comes as Japan looks to move on from ... Read More »

Pristine Protection

America’s First Underwater Park is in the Pacific  The Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument—about 470,000 square miles of ocean surrounding a couple of remote U.S. Pacific islands—is now officially set aside to protect its pristine habitat from deep-sea mining and commercial fishing. Although smaller than the nearly 800,000 square miles of its original plan, the park is still six times ... Read More »

Shark Snooping

Sea-Surfing Robot Tracks Marine Life An unmanned, solar-powered Wave Glider robot has been deployed off the U.S. coast near San Francisco as part of an arsenal of ocean-observing technologies revealing in real time the mysterious journeys of great white sharks and other marine creatures. A new network that also includes data receivers on fixed buoys picks up signals from acoustic ... Read More »

Coastal Caretaking

Zoning Tropical Waters like Land Resources In the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin, 24 scientists from Canada, the U.S., the UK, China, Australia, New Caledonia, Sweden and Kenya affirm that one-fifth of humanity lives within 60 miles of a tropical coastline, primarily in developing countries. They warn that growing populations and increasing impacts of climate change ensure that pressures on these ... Read More »

Ice Cubed

Greenland a Big Contributor to Sea Level Rise New research by University of California-Irvine and NASA glaciologists published in Nature Geoscience shows that Greenland is more vulnerable to warm ocean waters from climate change than previously thought. Newly discovered deep valleys stretch for dozens of miles under the Greenland ice sheet in bedrock well below sea level. As subtropical Atlantic ... Read More »

Radioactive Sea

Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown is Poisoning California Kelp Scientists analyzing kelp off the coast of San Diego have linked the presence of the radioactive isotope cesium to the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, in Japan, which melted down in 2011. Part of the ongoing Kelp Watch 2014 project, government and academic institutions have begun receiving results from samples of bull kelp and ... Read More »

Toxin-Free Fish

How to Find the Safest Seafood by Judith Fertig We love our seafood, a delicious source of lean protein. The latest data reports U.S. consumption of more than 4.8 billion pounds of seafood, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with the average American eating 3.5 ounces of seafood a week. About half of the catch is wild-caught and ... Read More »

Dirty Waters

Trenton to Chicago via Eco-Outrigger Margo Pellegrino, a homemaker, mother of two and healthy oceans advocate from Medford Lakes, New Jersey, will begin a 1,600-mile journey from nearby Trenton to Chicago, Illinois, by outrigger canoe on August 13 as part of Blue Frontier Campaign’s ocean explorers project. During her two-month trip she’ll meet with local environmental groups and the media ... Read More »

Clean Water Acts

Paddlers Clean Up Ocean, Lake and River Debris by Avery Mack “The ocean is my bliss. My job lets me do what I love and call it work,” says Andrea Neal, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Sciences, a scientific collaboration seeking healthy water solutions, in Ojai, California. “When I surf, I’m in sync with water and air at ... Read More »

Seabirds’ Significance

Complex Interactions Help Cool Planet The top predators of the Southern Ocean, far-ranging seabirds, are tied to the health of the ecosystem and to global climate regulation through a mutual relationship with phytoplankton, according to a study from the University of California-Davis, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. When phytoplankton are eaten by grazing crustaceans called krill, ... Read More »

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