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Licking County Local Food Council Wins Award

The Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau awarded the Local Food Council’s Local Food Week “Event of the Year” at its 2014 Impact Awards ceremony. Local Food Week was held August 15-22, and featured locally-sourced menu items offered by 13 restaurants throughout Licking County. The event also showcased a Food Truck Rodeo, held at Dawes Arboretum. Participants in the Local ... Read More »

Integrated Wellness Company Launches Meal Delivery Service

VidaFit, a Central Ohio organization providing healthful resources for wellness, now offers a meal program as part of their roster of services. The system, called True Food Delivery™, includes personalized meal plans, plus a nutritional counseling session. Each meal is made from 100 percent organic, in-season ingredients; it does not contain any added salt or sugar, is sourced from local, ... Read More »

USA Made

The Power of Patriotic Purchasing Buying products that are made in the USA supports both our neighbors and nation. Keeping the entire product cycle within our borders employs more Americans, enhances local and national economic security and ensures greater product quality, because American environmental and health regulatory standards are often higher than in other countries. For companies, domestic production can ... Read More »

Cash Mobs

Collective On-the-Spot Buying Revives Local Businesses In most areas of the country, small, locally owned retail businesses are the lifeblood of local economies, but rising cost of doing business often means they cannot compete with the lower prices of big-box retail giants that negotiate in volume. For several years, the growth and frequency of cash mobs have been breathing new ... Read More »

Community Spotlight: Wellness Matters

Bringing Food Education to the Workplace by Susan Post “Wellness Matters” is the newest program from nonprofit food education organization Local Matters. The program is a way to teach healthy eating at work by offering tips and tricks to prepare a mindful meal. Participants work with foods such as whole wheat pasta, chicken and roasted veggies, turkey tacos, quinoa salads ... Read More »

Heroes Among Us

Organic Farmers Restore Our Faith in Food by Melinda Hemmelgarn From epidemic childhood obesity and rising rates of autism and food allergies to the growing risks of pesticides and climate change, we have many reasons to be concerned about the American food system. Fortunately, many heroes among us—family farmers, community gardeners, visionaries and activists—are striving to create a safer and ... Read More »

Health Food at the Front Door

A growing trend has the ringing of a doorbell heralding the arrival of healthy food. In addition to the convenience, time and fuel savings of having a grocery delivery van make one combined round trip to multiple customers’ doorsteps instead of individual roundtrips to the market, it also generates far fewer vehicle emissions. Home deliveries of local and organic fresh fruits and ... Read More »


The Future of Farming is Sprouting up in Central Ohio by Susan Post In places with long winter months like Central Ohio, it is not easy to find fresh, local produce year-round. Local residents, however, could harvest their own produce every day of the year through aquaponics. “Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics,” says Loren Foster of The ... Read More »

Local Food in Licking County

by Felicia Brower Buying locally grown food stimulates the local economy and strengthens community health. Licking County has numerous local food advocates who strive to connect food providers with consumers and to educate people about the benefits of eating locally. One group increasing access to local food is the Licking County Local Food Council (LCLFC). This 100 percent volunteer-run organization ... Read More »

Loving Local

Small Retailers Gaining Force While online mega-shopping malls have decimated many categories of small business around the country, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies notes that independent bookstores are doing surprisingly well. For the last four years, their number and total sales have grown, despite the recent recession. In 2009, citizens patronized 1,651 independent bookstores in the United States; ... Read More »

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