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Find Your Fitness Style

Workouts that Suit Your Personality by Wendy Worrall Redal While some people find repetitious workouts boring, others like doing predictable routines at regular locations. Ensuring that our fitness regimen jives with our “fitness personality” is integral to making exercise a consistent part of our lifestyle, a concept that has traction among exercise experts. Jonathan Niednagel, founder and director of The ... Read More »

Treadmill Desks Boost Job Performance

In addition to improving fitness, University of Minnesota researchers found that treadmill walking at the desk also boosts productivity and morale. The study tested 40 adults that used treadmills for a year. Self-assessments, combined with supervisor assessments, found that treadmill walking while working increased performance levels. Work performance improved by an average of 11 percent based on supervisor assessments, and ... Read More »

Fitness Update

Healthiest U.S. Metro Areas in 2014 The American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM), seventh annual American Fitness Index (AFI) ranks Washington, D.C., at the top with a score of 77.3 (out of 100), followed by Minneapolis-St. Paul (73.5), Portland, Oregon (72.1) Denver (71.7) and San Francisco (71). Columbus, OH (41.3) ranked 40th. Overall, metro areas in 25 states scored 50 or ... Read More »

Personal Bio-Tech

The Latest Devices to Aid Wellness by Linda Sechrist When President John F. Kennedy announced in 1961 that the U.S. could send a man to the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade, few suspected the bounty of technological spinoffs that such National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space missions would yield. Today, many of NASA’s ... Read More »

Tweet those Fitness Goals

How Social Media Can Cheer Us On by Tamara Grand Humans are inherently social creatures. Most of us enjoy the company of others and spend much of our waking time engaging in social interactions with colleagues, friends and family. People that spend a lot of time together often adopt one another’s eating and exercise habits—sometimes for the better, but often for the ... Read More »

Business Spotlight: Turning Point Fitness

Movement Heals by Susan Post “Movement heals,” says Lisa Hunsaker of Turning Point Fitness. Hunsaker is the founder of this Westerville studio where she offers traditional Pilates practices seven days a week to clients in Central Ohio. Hunsaker and her fellow instructors strive to create a space where all are welcome to explore Pilates with the goal of making exercise ... Read More »

Soul-Full Goals

Feeling Our Way to Happiness by Susie Ruth Many of us have our relationship to success inside out. We busy ourselves so much with do-or-die goals we “should” achieve that we drown out the crucial signals life is sending our way—both from our own instincts and from others able to objectively see what we truly need. According to Danielle LaPorte, ... Read More »

Fitness Trends (for 2014)

What’s Hot in Workouts  by Christine MacDonald This year, many Americans will turn over a new leaf as they morph from more conventional workout modes to fresh takes on fitness set to rock the charts. Chart Toppers Activities high on people’s lists these days reflect a perceived scarcity of time and money. The top picks, according to the Indianapolis-based American ... Read More »

Whole-Being Workouts

Moving the Body Opens the Door to Spirit by Lisa Marshall It’s the Sabbath, a day of prayer, and millions of people across America are quietly sitting or kneeling, humbly communing with a power greater than themselves. But inside the Alchemy of Movement studio in Boulder, Colorado, the Soul Sweat faithful are connecting with their higher power in a different ... Read More »

CrossFit Workouts

Expect Whole-Body Functional Fitness by Michael R. Esco CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program used by the military over the past decade, is growing in popularity with recreational athletes. While most traditional exercise plans target a specific area of fitness—like jogging for cardiovascular health or weightlifting for strength—CrossFit focuses on all of them by combining many types of exercise. A ... Read More »

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