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Pristine Protection

America’s First Underwater Park is in the Pacific  The Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument—about 470,000 square miles of ocean surrounding a couple of remote U.S. Pacific islands—is now officially set aside to protect its pristine habitat from deep-sea mining and commercial fishing. Although smaller than the nearly 800,000 square miles of its original plan, the park is still six times ... Read More »

Holiday Gifts for Pets

Tips for Interactive, Inexpensive Games and Toys by Sandra Murphy What’s on the family pet’s wish list this year? Family members can have fun creating interactive toys and games that are easy on the holiday budget. According to a recent American Pet Association survey, three out of four owners buy gifts for their pets during the holiday season, to the ... Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Classroom Pets

Kids Love Them, but Many Can Pose Problems and Risks by Sandra Murphy A classroom pet can help students learn about caring for another species, but is it the best way to teach? “A classroom pet can be a great opportunity to teach children gentle behavior. Many kids take pride in caring for the pet,” observes Terry Manrique, now a ... Read More »

Toxin-Free Fish

How to Find the Safest Seafood by Judith Fertig We love our seafood, a delicious source of lean protein. The latest data reports U.S. consumption of more than 4.8 billion pounds of seafood, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with the average American eating 3.5 ounces of seafood a week. About half of the catch is wild-caught and ... Read More »

Party Supply Boutique Introduces Allergen-Free Product Line

Smidge and Pinch, a baking and party supply shop in Powell, now offers a comprehensive array of allergen-free baking supplies, cake decoration toppings and candy. “These products come directly from the manufacturer, so they do not risk cross-contamination,” says co-owner Theresa Crawford. According to Mayo Clinic, the most common food allergens are milk, eggs, nuts, fish and gluten (including soy ... Read More »

Four Fresh Food Trends

Respecting Ourselves and Our Planet by Melinda Hemmelgarn Food experts have listed local, regional and sustainable foods among the top food trends for 2014. Consumers’ heightened environmental awareness and their love for fresh flavors are responsible. There’s even a new term, “hyperlocal”, to describe produce harvested fresh from onsite gardens at restaurants, schools, supermarkets and hospitals—all designed for sourcing tasty, ... Read More »

Food Revolution in a Tank

Aquaponics Offers Year-Round Homegrown Fish and Veggies by Avery Mack Picture a salad of mixed lettuces or romaine accented with microgreens and ripe, red tomatoes alongside an entrée of tilapia, complemented by a dessert of fresh strawberries—all organic, eco-friendly and freshly harvested, even in the middle of winter. The ingredients for this meal don’t have to travel many miles to ... Read More »

Gluten-Free on the Go

How to Eat Safely Away from Home by Judith Fertig Although following a diet without gluten has become easier due to increased availability and labeling of gluten-free foods, we still need to know how to make sure which foods strictly qualify. We always have more control in our own kitchen, yet we’re not always eating at home. Natural Awakenings’ experts comment ... Read More »

Mercury Mystery

How Sinking Organic Matter Plagues Fish University of Michigan and University of Hawaii researchers claim to have solved a long-standing scientific mystery of how mercury gets into open-water fish. Based on their study findings, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, they also project that mercury levels in Pacific fish will rise in the coming years. The researchers discovered that up ... Read More »


The Future of Farming is Sprouting up in Central Ohio by Susan Post In places with long winter months like Central Ohio, it is not easy to find fresh, local produce year-round. Local residents, however, could harvest their own produce every day of the year through aquaponics. “Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics,” says Loren Foster of The ... Read More »

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