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Water Cartons

Paper Can Easily Replace Plastic The Boxed Water is Better company was launched in 2009 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to provide a more sustainable alternative to the ubiquitous plastic containers that are made from petroleum products, have big carbon footprints and clog U.S. landfills. Boxed Water containers resemble milk cartons and are far more sustainable because about 75 percent of ... Read More »

Youth Activists

World Peace Caravan to Travel in the Middle East in 2015 The World Peace Caravan, founded by the nonprofit D. Gary Young Foundation, is a global peace movement scheduled to conduct a 12-day camel caravan from Petra, Jordan, to Jerusalem, Israel, from December 15 to 26, 2015. It will be spearheaded by a delegation of 12 youth ambassadors, ages 16 ... Read More »

USA Made

The Power of Patriotic Purchasing Buying products that are made in the USA supports both our neighbors and nation. Keeping the entire product cycle within our borders employs more Americans, enhances local and national economic security and ensures greater product quality, because American environmental and health regulatory standards are often higher than in other countries. For companies, domestic production can ... Read More »


Strides Promised in Environmental Protection Following the lead of Jadav “Molai” Payeng, an Indian man who singlehandedly planted 1,360 acres of forest, India’s Rural Development Ministry will plant 2 billion trees along the nation’s 62,137 miles of highways to combat rural poverty and youth unemployment and improve the environment, which suffers from severe air pollution. According to the World Health ... Read More »

Conservation Covenant

A Greener Future for National Parks National parks have an undeniable environmental impact on the very lands they seek to preserve. Yellowstone’s managers have been working on ambitious management goals to elevate it to be a world leader in environmental stewardship and become one of the greenest parks in the world by 2016. The Yellowstone Environmental Stewardship (YES) Initiative goals ... Read More »

Eartha and Rain

Environmentally Sustainable Businesses Develop Partnership by Susan Post Two local businesses owners are helping each another while advancing their respective missions to run environmentally sustainable operations. Rain Brothers and Eartha Limited are building bridges between both rainwater and recycling and demolition and compost. The two businesses share an acre lot in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus. Being located in such ... Read More »

Endangered Species Exhibit Comes to Ohio History Center

Statewide nonprofit organization Ohio History Connection (OHC), in conjunction with local partners such as COSI and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, is presenting an exhibition entitled “Going, Going, Gone? Endangered and Extinct Species” until January 4, 2015. It features specimens of extinct species that lived in Ohio, including a reconstructed dinosaur head, as well as threatened or endangered species from ... Read More »

Clean Water Acts

Paddlers Clean Up Ocean, Lake and River Debris by Avery Mack “The ocean is my bliss. My job lets me do what I love and call it work,” says Andrea Neal, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Sciences, a scientific collaboration seeking healthy water solutions, in Ojai, California. “When I surf, I’m in sync with water and air at ... Read More »

Musician with a Cause

Jack Johnson Plans Shows with the Planet in Mind by Meredith Montgomery Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson’s touring concerts have almost always doubled as fundraisers for local environmental nonprofits. “Early on, we recognized that we could not only fill a room, but also raise funds and awareness for nonprofit groups we believe in,” says Johnson. Then, as he started playing larger venues, ... Read More »

Nature Journaling

by Felicia Brower Recording observations on your environment is an excellent way to connect with nature. Terry Hermsen teaches nature journaling sessions for Metro Parks and says journaling can be beneficial for people of all ages. “I think taking the time to record our times in nature is a way of keeping the experience close before it skips away,” says ... Read More »

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