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Maintaining Wellness Beyond the Holidays

Jessica Stopp, Holistic Health Coach When we think of staying healthy during the holidays, we usually think of food as a major player in the game. We are bombarded by social media posts about healthy holiday recipes, and lists of foods to avoid on a daily basis. For those who are serious about seeking long-term wellness, working with a health ... Read More »

Integrated Wellness Company Launches Meal Delivery Service

VidaFit, a Central Ohio organization providing healthful resources for wellness, now offers a meal program as part of their roster of services. The system, called True Food Delivery™, includes personalized meal plans, plus a nutritional counseling session. Each meal is made from 100 percent organic, in-season ingredients; it does not contain any added salt or sugar, is sourced from local, ... Read More »

Eat Better, Feel Better

Dr. Mark Hyman on Eating to Fight Disease by Judith Fertig In the groundbreaking new documentary film, Fed Up, Dr. Mark Hyman prescribes a major overhaul of the diets of all family members in communities across America to prevent far-reaching unwanted consequences. Hyman practices functional medicine, which takes a whole-system approach to treating chronic illnesses by identifying and addressing their ... Read More »

Fruits and Veggies Boost Kids’ Learning and Social Skills

A study published in the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association finds that increased fruit and vegetable consumption among school-age children may increase learning skills related to interacting with others, as identified in social cognitive theory. Researchers divided 138 students into two groups, with one group consuming more fruits and vegetables than the other. After three months, the group on ... Read More »

Tidal Wave of Cancer Predicted by World Health Organization

In a new report, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of cancer cases worldwide will increase by 70 percent over the next two decades. Currently, 14 million people across the globe are diagnosed with cancer each year and that number could reach 24 million per year by 2035. The Cancer Research Fund indicates there is an alarming ... Read More »

When That Loving Feeling Is Gone

Five Tips to Boost Your Energy by Trudy Pieper In the spirit of the Righteous Brothers and Valentine’s Day, here are some tips to put a spring back in your step through simple dietary and lifestyle changes, including a list of supplements to supply a burst of energy. Tip #1: Choose the Right Foods to Provide Pep Foods that give ... Read More »

Changing for Good!

A Health Coach Fosters Results by Lauressa Nelson A health or wellness coach integrated into a personal healthcare team can be critical to catalyzing sustainable change. Many people understand they need to modify their self-care, yet fail to take the optimal steps to make such a transformation happen. “What we’ve discovered is that people don’t routinely change behavior due to ... Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions

Being a Well Being by Sipra Pimputkar It is a New Year, and a New Day! What makes it any different from any other day? It is a time when one anticipates another chance to do things differently and make life better and happier. What would change life enough to make a difference? Perhaps change your diet, get more exercise, ... Read More »

The Beauty of Being Ourselves

Supermodel Sarah DeAnna on Self-Confidence by April Thompson Longtime supermodel Sarah DeAnna believes in our ability to shape both our life—and our looks. Raised by a single mom in the small farm town of Jefferson, Oregon, DeAnna made her way to Los Angeles after putting herself through college, earning a degree in international business marketing from Oregon State University, in ... Read More »

Raw Food Diets for Pets

Weighing the Pros and Cons by Sandra Murphy As with their own food, dog and cat owners are reading pet food labels more closely these days to evaluate ingredients and their sources. American pet food companies may outsource to foreign manufacturers, sometimes with disastrous results. Various brands of dry dog food (kibble) and treats have been recalled for melamine contamination ... Read More »

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