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Saltwater Float Tank Meditation Available in The Short North

Float NB logoReflect Float Center is a personal wellness and lifestyle transformation facility started by Zedrick Clark, a certified natural health professional (CNHP) with over 20 years in the areas of holistic health and mindfulness. “I got tired of so many authors and programs that were so rigid or eccentric that they seemed to be setting people up for failure,” says Clark. “I provide an approach that empowers people. I enjoy working with individuals and groups to design balanced and sustainable lifestyles.”

Float NB imageThe flotation component takes place in a solution of 10 inches of water infused with over 900 pounds of Epsom salts. “The chamber allows people to free themselves from the constraints of gravity, while providing a vacation from all the noise of busy city life,” explains Clark. Participants use ear plugs to cancel out external sounds, and the darkened chamber blocks external light, providing sensory deprivation that allows for further relaxation. “The solitude will let your mind drift into a deep state,” notes Clark. He adds, “In today’s busy world, Reflect is an oasis of peace and healing.”

Location: 815 N. High St., Ste. J, Columbus. For more information, call 614-333-6090 or visit

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