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Riding Towards Wellness

The Latest Trend in Spinning Equipment Comes to Central Ohio

by Felicia Brower

Riding Towards Wellness LA 1What started as a personal weight loss journey led to the creation of an innovative wellness center located in New Albany. reCycle Wellness, LLC was founded by Dr. Bernadette Anderson and Dr. Camille Woodson after Dr. Anderson lost a significant amount of weight and decided to embark on a new life adventure.

Dr. Anderson weighed over 300 pounds and knew that something had to change. As a family medicine physician at Faith Family Health in Columbus, she was giving health advice to her patients that she was not following herself. She had previously lost weight but gained it back because she had not addressed the root of her problem.

Many people interested in weight loss want to lose weight to improve their physique, but that makes it difficult to stay motivated when the pounds do not come off quickly. “The key for me was really doing the work in terms of finding out why I was eating,” explained Dr. Anderson. “I had to be honest with myself about why I was eating. When I started dealing with those issues, there was less of a struggle, because I wasn’t craving food to mask other issues.”

Dr. Anderson’s approach was relatively simple. “I tried to take a number on the scale out of my mind, and I said I was going to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s how I live my life every day,” she said. Being aware of and trying to reduce her stress level, and finding ways to improve self-esteem have been very important in keeping Dr. Anderson healthy and in shape. “When you approach it that way, you set yourself up for real change instead of getting hooked on fad diets and stressing yourself out over a number on a scale.”

While the approach is simple in theory, it can be extremely difficult to make big changes, especially ones that require you to evaluate your entire life. Dr. Anderson’s journey is not an exception, but she learned how to treat her challenges as opportunities. Through a combination of lifestyle changes, she lost over 140 pounds and has gained a new outlook on life.

Riding Towards Wellness LA 2After Dr. Anderson’s weight loss, she got together with her long-time friend Dr. Woodson, and the two decided to open up their own wellness center and spinning, or indoor cycling, studio. They hope that people will use the studio as a means to reach their weight loss and life goals. “When I think of exercise, especially spinning, I’m not just going in there because I want to burn some calories. It really helps reduce my stress level,” said Dr. Anderson. Dr. Woodson agrees with the sentiment, “I fell in love with the music, the group dynamic and the energy of the room. It’s almost like it’s not exercise.”

reCycle Wellness is unique because it features one-of-a-kind RealRyder Bikes. Instead of being completely stationary, RealRyder Bikes simulate an actual outdoor cycling experience giving riders an upper and lower body workout.

The facility is phasing in new programs and events with hopes of becoming a total wellness center. “Even though we’re primarily a spin studio, that’s not our goal or ending point. It’s just a stepping stone towards wellness,” said Dr. Anderson. “Ultimately our goal is to really create a wellness center.” They also recently started a “Yoga for KIDS” program. “Children can come and get their exercise as well. They’re not just sitting in a room coloring,” explained Dr. Woodson.

reCycle Wellness offers spinning classes for people of all skill levels. “It’s your ride,” stressed Dr. Woodson. “You ride at your own pace, so just push it to the limit that you can push. You can add more resistance, lean or stay upright. The instructors have been trained on how to modify the ride to help you have your best ride ever.”

Riders can view upcoming events, schedule classes and reserve bikes online. In addition, clients can receive supplemental services to help with physical, mental and spiritual well-being for total positive health.

Dr. Anderson wants all people interested in losing weight to understand that it takes more than a pill or a fad diet to lose weight permanently. “You have to engage in your wellness. Seeing a physician every three months for 15 minutes will not make you well. You have to look at the whole picture and see where you’re out of balance and really work on those things.”

Location: 7340 Fodor Rd. For more information, call 614-855-9904 or visit

Felicia Brower is a freelance writer based in Columbus. Connect at or email

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