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Business Spotlight: replenish: the spa co-op

replenish the spa co-op family photo CSCelebrating Natural Beauty and Health

by Susan Post

A bright, soothing space nestled in a bustling downtown, replenish: the spa co-op is a Discovery District sanctuary. The family-run spa was founded by two sisters, Esthetician Deja Redman and Yogi Chanelle Redman, and their mother, Massage Therapist Wauvette Duncan. Inspired by love and passionate about giving, the three women crafted their specialties before opening the spa in 2010. While they each found success on their own, the family felt called to come together to create a space celebrating natural beauty and health. They have created an environment that provides clients with a spa experience that leaves them feeling empowered and replenished. Even the spa’s name is written with a lowercase “r” to signify that it’s not about the brand, but the meaning of the word.

Deja says this quote guides the replenish experience: “By starting with something familiar and implementing small changes, your perspective and ultimately, your life, will change.” The center offers a variety of traditional spa services, including facials, makeup, waxing, massage therapy and yoga. But the difference is in the details—each service is customizable. During appointments, clients are encouraged to discuss their personal needs to ensure their experience truly helps them replenish.

The space itself is unique, filled with vintage furniture and finds, creating a comfortable venue for the spa’s special programs, including weekly yoga classes with alternating instructors and Happi Our makeup parties on Fridays. The trio will also be adding new services, like organic manicures and pedicures, and homemade weekly facials with ingredients sourced from the new Hills Market down the street.

Local sourcing is an important principle of replenish, and the reason “co-op” is included in the spa’s name. “We want to reach out to the community to include and incorporate like-minded organizations that also subscribe to conscientious business practices and healthy living,” explains Deja, noting that each beauty care product is carefully selected to make sure it reflects the spa’s essence. Most are organic goods from Ohio or women-owned companies across the U.S. Supporting women-owned business is another important pillar, because the owners want the spa to empower women to replenish and take care of themselves.

Deja describes replenish as a spa for women that are excited to live beautifully. She wants women to embrace beauty as a lifestyle and to strive not for perfection, but for being their best, embracing what they have to find their most beautiful self. The open environment at replenish encourages women to share honest conversations about the issues they face.

The spa also hosts an innovative community program called yogART, which provides children and teens ages 3 to 17 a chance to disconnect in order to reconnect with themselves. Through activities like art, journaling and yoga, they learn to freely express themselves in a positive way.

Deja, Chanelle and Duncan describe themselves as givers. “To be a great giver, you have to give to yourself first, so you can give even bigger to others,” Deja advises. By providing community programs and a thoughtfully appointed space for real women to take care of themselves, replenish offers a holistic and healing approach to what it means to be truly beautiful.

Location: 382 E. Town St. (inside), Columbus. For more information or to make an appointment, call 614-429-3165, email or visit

Susan Post is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She enjoys writing about her city and the people and places that make it special. Contact her at

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