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Reiki Instructors Unite to Offer Combined Services

Reiki NB, NDWinding Path Cottage, a wholeness center located in Clintonville, will offer two new programs from April through July. Bob Jansen, BA, Hatha Flow yoga instructor, and Elizabeth Buchal-Condon, BA, Spiritual Coach provide these shared efforts. Both teachers are also certified Karuna Reiki™ Masters and Shamanic Practitioners.

Reiki Duet Sessions are conducted simultaneously by both healers; they last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and incorporate deep relaxation techniques to promote the release of stagnant energies in the body.

Healing Journey is a three-hour experience that begins with an in-depth conversation to explore the specific needs of the individual. Once the goals are established, Jansen and Buchal-Condon fuse a Reiki treatment with the application of a Shamanic Journey, or Soul Retrieval, to aid with unresolved spiritual issues.

Winding Path Cottage also offers spiritual coaching, yoga and animal Reiki services.

Cost: Suggested pricing, with a sliding fee scale to accommodate all individuals. Location: 149 Morse Rd. For more information or to schedule a session, call 614-519-9743 or email Also visit

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