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Practitioner Spotlight: Preferred Center for Integrative Medicine

A Convergence of Approaches to Improve Health Care

by Susan Post

PCFIM Team Photo PSThe Preferred Center for Integrative Medicine incorporates techniques from different health care systems around the world to give patients a personalized treatment plan for achieving wellness. The unique specialties of the seven practitioners mean patients do not have to search for different physicians for different needs, but instead find a variety of treatment options available under one roof.

Medical Director Dr. Joanne Poje and Practice Administrator Sophia Sipes saw the need for a more integrated health facility after working in pain management clinics where patients saw limited results. Those suffering would ask for additional medication without getting to the root of their problem. Research led Dr. Poje to more natural, integrated approaches to medicine. Pursuing her new interests, she opened the east-side facility in April of 2013.

“The goal is to give patients pain relief so they can function and become healthy,” Sipes says. “Patients will see multiple physicians for all different symptoms in one location.”

Four key areas guide treatments at the practice:

1) Preventing disease

The center does genetic testing to detect and help prevent illness.

2) Relieving Pain

Practitioners at the center focus on pain relief, whether from injury, surgery or unknown reasons. Instead of depending solely on medication, the doctors use forms of therapy not involving chemicals.

3) Restoring Health

To restore health, the Center offers services to help patients with nutrition, weight loss and general health and wellness, including anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy.

4) Improving Function

Patients are unable to function as they used to when sick or in pain. To improve quality of life, practitioners focus on finding the root cause of a patient’s ailments.

From acupuncture, chiropractic and functional medicine to mental health and rehabilitation services, the physicians at the center have backgrounds in multiple medical disciplines with training in both Eastern and Western techniques.

Dr. Poje was an OB-GYN before receiving board certification in addiction medicine. She is also trained in functional and integrative medicine and certified in acupuncture.

“What’s important at Integrated Medicine is the whole mind-body balance,” she says in a video about the practice. “In traditional medicine, part of the problem I found was that I was focused on treating very specific entities and people really weren’t getting well. What I found refreshing with this is to be able to step back, to look at the whole person, and then to figure out the puzzle to fix this, fix that, then the whole picture sort of improves.”

Dr. Gordon Korby brings a background in chiropractic, osteopathy and physical medicine to the center.  He uses a wide variety of treatments to help patients with pain, and others with neurological or musculoskeletal issues, arthritis, or general problems with muscles, ligaments or nerves. He uses techniques like manual therapy, acupuncture, regenerative injection therapy and ear acupuncture. His knowledge combines the worlds of traditional and modern medicine.

“Sometimes it’s one or the other, 85-90% of the time, I’m using both,” Korby says. He feels his is at the core of the center’s goal and creates an individualized approach to medicine.

Functional medicine is also a major focus at the center.

“Functional medicine looks at the metabolic trends and pathways and determines if they are functioning optimally,” says Dr. Bernard Miller. This area of medicine focuses on how an individual is functioning on a cellular level and uses vitamins and minerals to improve that function. Dr. Miller performs extensive blood tests to reveal markers of cardiovascular health, blood sugar handling, inflammatory disorders, oxidative stress and thyroid function.

Treating pain patients sometimes means helping those with addiction. Dr. Gary Williams specializes in chemical dependency and mental health counseling.

“I work with individuals about loss,” he says, since patients experiencing chronic pain cannot do what they used to do. He also sees individuals who are dependent on pain medication. His rehabilitation services take an educational approach to help patients see what is physically wrong and to understand the impact from a psychological perspective.

The center also includes among its staff Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Bruce Kay, who specializes in outpatient orthopedic procedures and exams. This includes mass and cyst removal and different interventional pain management procedures.

Dr. Scott Cohen and Dr. Ajay Syam see patients with chiropractic needs. Dr. Syam is also certified in Physiotherapy, reflecting his extensive spine and joint rehabilitation experience. Dr. Cohen offers personal injury consultation with a focus on physical medicine.

By working together and using the best of both worlds of medicine, Preferred Center for Integrative Medicine helps patients find the roots of their problems. Practitioners with a number of specialties in a single location can offer patients unparalleled options to achieve health and wellness.

Location: 1021 B Country Club Drive, Columbus. For more information, visit or call 614-762-7312. 

Susan Post is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She enjoys writing about her city and the people and places that make it special. Contact her at

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