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Practitioner Spotlight: Oasis of the Heart

Integrating Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

by Susan Post

Tabby SapeneMany times just one course of treatment does not address the root of an issue or the total well-being of a patient. Increasingly, health and wellness are viewed holistically: several therapies coming together to promote the highest well-being, and that is exactly the approach at Oasis of the Heart.

“The attempt is to provide services and products that will help integrate healing on all levels – mind, body, spirit and emotion,” says Owner Tabby Sapene, MSW, LISW-S. Sapene received a bachelor’s degree in social work from Capital University, in Bexley, and a master’s degree from The Ohio State University. With an emphasis on clinical mental health, she has spent over a decade gaining a wide range of experience in the mental health field, treating patients suffering with everything from psychosis to anxiety.

A course at Capital introduced her to therapeutic touch and energy therapies. “As a child, I explored that as well so it was something that was always there that I was interested in,” Sapene says. “And as I moved forward, I started to connect the dots – the mind-body-soul connection – and the need to explore that more in services.”

She found that for some, mental health services were enough, but others were searching for something more. Sapene also has a certificate in Spirituality, Health & Healing, something most mental health practitioners do not have due to an unwillingness to explore this aspect of mental health therapy.

Space 1“Regular counseling, even though it’s still valid, it’s going beyond, where people are using their intuitive abilities, because they are starting to see, hear, feel and know more things, and they are looking for answers to that, and that’s what I love to be a part of,” Sapene says.

Through Oasis of the Heart, Sapene offers her clients intuitive counseling and various energy therapies, but she also has a unique specialty in working with crystals. Some clients utilize all of her therapies, while others focus more on one – the important part is identifying with her clients and working with them using techniques they are comfortable with. She uses her intuition to know both what the individual will be receptive to, and what course of action will be best for them.

“The great thing about energy therapies is there is a wide range of ways to use them,” Sapene says. “Anybody can benefit from energy therapy.” From pain management to anxiety and insomnia, energy therapy has its place in treating all three. It can also be used to familiarize individuals with counseling. If a client is reserved to opening up, Reiki can provide them with a space to be calm and relaxed before digging deeper. “Whatever is for their highest and best good is what comes out of the session,” she adds.

Jewelry 3Like energy therapy, Sapene’s work with crystals can help patients with any number of issues. Many people see a crystal as something pretty, but there is much more to a stone than its beauty. All crystals have energy, energy Sapene is able to clean, clear and rededicate for the highest good of all. The stones are infused with healing energy and can then be used to make jewelry or simply placed wherever one feels necessary. “I am able to use them in different aspects to help part of the healing process,” Sapene says.

Jewelry 1Clear quartz is known as the master healer, amplifying the energy of other stones placed near it. It aids in concentration, is great for meditation, and stimulates the immune system. Golden rutilated quartz cleans and energizes the aura, stimulates spiritual creativity and manifestation, and helps the wearer let go of the past. One of Sapene’s favorite crystals, rhodochrosite, helps relieve respiratory issues, improves circulation, and represents selfless love and compassion.

Jewelry 2Sapene also makes pieces from obsidian, red jasper, tiger’s eye, emerald and amethyst, to name just a few, and each have their own healing properties. Whenever she sells a piece, Sapene includes a card of information that is just the tip of the iceberg for that crystal’s purpose.

Each aspect of Oasis of the Heart is another way for a patient to find wellness. “I think for me, as I’ve opened my mind and perspective on healing in different ways, that has allowed me to expand my practice and help people in more ways than I ever imagined before,” Sapene says, aiming to help them heal in a way that is fast, effective, and will get them back on their life’s journey.

Oasis of the Heart will host a workshop entitled “Introduction to Crystals: Identifying & Working with Ancient Energy Forms” on Saturday, March 7. Visit the website listed below for more details.

*Medical disclaimer: This information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians.

Location: 3962 N. Hampton Dr., Powell. For more information, call 614-273-5698 or visit

Susan Post is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She enjoys writing about her city and the people and places that make it special. Contact her at

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