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Practitioner Spotlight: Integra Acupuncture

Integra Acupuncture: Old Ways and New Combine for Wellness

by Susan Post

Bamboo Background LAAt Integra Acupuncture, patients can blend acupuncture, massage and health coaching to build their own road to wellness. Dr. Melissa Yang, L.Ac founded the practice in 2003 and has over 21 years of experience in the field.

Dr. Yang’s educational background is extensive, with licensure in acupuncture and Chinese herbology as well as a Doctor of Medicine degree from China. A native of Beijing, she trained under Master He Pu Ren, who holds a prestigious title as one of “China’s Living Treasures”.

Dr. Yang immigrated to Columbus in 2000 with almost 10 years of training under her belt. She spent three years at the Columbus-based American Institute of Alternative Medicine as Faculty Professor of Acupuncture before opening Integra Acupuncture.

At Integra, Dr. Yang brings wellness to patients with a focus on three specialty areas: pain management, infertility and facial rejuvenation.

Acupuncture is often employed as a treatment for pain management. When inflammation causes pain, individual needling techniques are used to reduce inflammation and, as a result, pain.

Patients can take multiple routes to use acupuncture to address fertility issues. Acupuncture is used in tandem with In-vitro fertilization to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. Acupuncture can also be used in place of more expensive treatments like IVF. Acupuncture improves fertility by increasing a patient’s overall health, which makes them more likely to conceive. At Integra Acupuncture, Dr. Yang sees a 56.7 percent success rate on fertility.

Dr. Yang is also the first practitioner in Ohio to be qualified in specialized facial rejuvenation through Energy Light Rejuvenation. This needle-free technique was developed according to acupuncture principles, but uses light and microcurrents to re-train facial muscles and fight signs of aging.

Integra PS

Terry Blankenship, Julia Barton, Melissa Yang, Jessie Huck-Parks, Cassie Funk

Acupuncture is just one of the modalities to wellness offered at Integra Acupuncture. The practice also employs Health Coach Julia Barton and Massage Therapist Terry Blankenship. The three specialists discuss patient needs and use their skills and experience to create an individualized treatment plan for each.

“We’re trying to help people get better health,” Dr. Yang says.

Integra Acupuncture offers additional services and support as part of facilitating a lifestyle change for patients.


“Acupuncture can help them lose weight, but can’t keep it off forever,” Dr. Yang says.

A health coach keeps patients on track. Making a healthy lifestyle change is a difficult task and Dr. Yang knows a good coach can encourage patients through the process.

Some patients need a plan focused on health and wellness, while others visit the practice for pain relief. Integra Acupuncture sees many patients who have given up hope after seeing other specialists to no avail. Techniques like acupuncture, acupressure massage and massage for deep-muscle pain relief, however, can once again put patients back on track.

A successful treatment plan can take time. Dr. Yang builds relationships with clients to get to know their bodies better to create more sustaining routes to wellness. She is eager to educate patients as well so they can help themselves.

“They can do something on their own,” she says. Integra Acupuncture offers an average of two monthly workshops to train patients on techniques for at-home practice. The most popular workshops focus on pain management and fertility. Family and friends are invited to join pain patients to learn and administer the techniques for an at-home treatment plan. Patients explore natural ways to improve fertility and balance hormones in other popular workshops.

Dr. Yang’s drive to improve overall health extends outside her office walls.

“I still can help a patient even if they don’t come to my office,” she says. At least once a week, Dr. Yang offers an hour of free treatment through one of her community involvements, dedicating a minimum of 52 hours of free service each year.

“If I go out I can help more people,” Dr. Yang says. Her community outreach through various non-profit programs focuses on teaching community members at-home treatment plans for their ailments.

Topics vary, depending on the interests of patients at each event. Dr. Yang’s outreach helps lower the barriers for people to learn about more natural, holistic treatments. She knows not everyone can afford such services so she offers some tips, tricks and services for free.

As part of their outreach to put patients on a healthy trajectory for 2014, Integra Acupuncture will offer a special package for detox and weight-loss starting in January. “There is no better time to refocus on health and wellness than at the start of a new year,” says Dr. Yang.

For more information, call 614-855-8828 or visit

Susan Post is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She enjoys writing about her city and the people and places that make it special. Contact her at

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