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Practitioner Spotlight: Beecher Chiropractic and Wellness Center

The Only Provider of BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy in Ohio

by Susan Post

Beecher PSpWhat if there was a non-invasive, painless, drug-free way to treat conditions like ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety and stress? That is exactly what Beecher Chiropractic and Wellness Center, located in Gahanna, offers with BrainCore Neurofeedback therapy. The center is the only practice in Ohio to feature this therapy; one that is effective in treating both adults and children.

BrianCore serves to find and correct dysregulations (impairments) in the brain. While the technology is quite complex, the treatments are both simple and easy.

So how does it work?

To begin, Beecher’s BrainCore Specialist and naturopathic physician Deb Wellmes completes an initial assessment, or a map, of a patient’s brain. “It can show us where there are dysregulations in the brainwave patterns,” she says.

A cap with surface electrodes is placed on the patient’s scalp to collect brainwave patterns and that data is transmitted back to a computer. Given its non-invasive and easy nature, no electrical pulses are sent through the brain. The technology simply records signals.

Once the dysregulations are identified, treatment can begin. Wellmes works to customize treatments based on each person’s needs.

First, patients are brought to a state of relaxation. This helps them be more receptive to the treatment. Wellmes uses devices like a vibroacoustic pad, or a weighted pad, to increase the calming effect.

During the treatment, patients watch about 20 minutes of video to hold their interest while hooked up to sensors monitoring brain activity.

“What the sessions are designed to do is to teach the brainwaves a more regulated pattern,” Wellmes says. As she watches the feedback on the computer, Wellmes can adjust the videos, lightening or darkening or starting and stopping, to bring certain brainwaves up or down as needed.

“Your brain wants to watch the video so it fixes what it has to fix to watch the video,” says Dr. Joe Iuvara, founder of Beecher. It’s an exercise in neuroplasticity, teaching the brain to respond and adapt more efficiently.

BrainCore is an effective therapy for a variety of conditions. “It’s a very good treatment for stress and anxiety,” Wellmes says. “For people who have a lot of anxiety and stress, it allows you to respond to it and let it go as opposed to being stuck with it.”

BrainCore can also help treat ADD/ADHD, migraine and tension headaches, memory loss, learning disorders, chronic pain and fatigue, and insomnia.

The process is subtle but effective. Wellmes says that once patients get through the self-chatter and relax into it, they often leave saying, “That’s it?!” She cites patients that were prepared for a wave of anxiety when certain situations arose, but subsequently found those feelings diminished.

“The people that respond, respond very quickly,” Dr. Iuvara says. Patients may also notice changes in other symptoms as well, including better sleep and more effective anger control.

The BrainCore therapy is part of the wellness center’s extensive capability to address both physical and mental health issues. Dr. Iuvara says BrainCore filled a void in their ability to assist patients with mental health concerns or autism.

In addition to offering the only BrainCore therapy in the state, Beecher is home to the only Disc Force Spinal Decompression Machine and LZR7 laser allergy elimination practices in Ohio. The center also employs three chiropractors, an acupuncturist, and offers massage therapy and nutritional counseling.

The center’s founders are not afraid to explore new alternative medicine practices, and constantly strive to find more and better ways to treat their patients.

“I am always looking for an alternative to standard traditional care that’s effective,” Dr. Iuvara says.

At the heart of every service they offer is a strong desire to improve the lives of each patient that passes through the center. The practitioners work together, and refer patients to one another in order to offer the best care possible.

“The purpose is not to make money, the purpose is to get sick people well,” Dr. Iuvara says.

Location: 428 Beecher Rd., Ste. B. For more information, call 614-855-5533. Also visit, and


Susan Post is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She enjoys writing about her city and the people and places that make it special. Contact her at

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