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Nonprofit Homebuilder Adopts “Smoke-Free” Policy

Nonprofit Homebuilder Adopts “Smoke-Free” Policy

Homeport NB logoHomeport, a local housing provider and homeowner educational resource, is implementing a non-smoking test program in their newest apartment complex, Trabue Crossing. The rental facility is located near the border of Hilliard and Columbus, just off I-70.

“Homeport’s policy is really new for Franklin County in terms of low to moderate income rental developments,” says Amber Jones, Health Education and Program Planner for the Columbus Health Department. Jones notes, “The key to successfully maintaining a smoke-free community is resident education. They must know in the beginning, when they enter and sign the lease.”

The policy, monitored and maintained by property management company Wallick Communities, is a “three strikes and you’re out” system. The first and second violation results in a written warning, a reiteration of Homeport’s policy, and a meeting with a representative from the Columbus Health Department. The third and final infraction results in a 30-day eviction notice. Residents are also accountable for their guests. Any visitor violations also directly result in a warning.

Approximately 100 lease applications have been taken for the 52-apartment complex. Twelve families have already moved in, and two individuals did not qualify based on the prohibition that bans smoking anywhere on the building grounds. Stickers on apartment windows remind residents of the policy, and “Smoke-Free Community” signs are posted at entry points to the facility.

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