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Non-Toxic Cleaning for your Health

by Kelli Parrish

Non-Toxic Cleaning LACleaning with harsh chemicals can be dangerous to our health and the environment.  According to the Environmental Working Group, toxic chemicals in cleaning products can be linked to asthma, infertility, allergies and cancer. Toxic chemicals from cleaners can enter the body many different ways, including absorption by the skin or inhalation through the lungs. According to the Organic Consumers Association, these chemicals are dumped in the environment and end up in our rivers, fields and eventually into our food and water supply.

The good news is that non-toxic cleaning and home products are now more available than ever. With more options, it is time to ditch the toxic products and find a safe and healthy alternative. Here are four tips to remove toxic cleaning products from the home.

Replace one product at a time. If buying all new products right now is not in the budget, try replacing them one at a time. When one bottle or box is empty, replace it with a healthy, non-toxic alternative.

Read the label. This is the best way to find out if a product is toxic. Read the ingredients list on the back of the bottle. Is the label full of unpronounceable ingredients? Are poisonous or warning labels covering the product?  Focus on the ingredients, the rest is just marketing. Simply because a product or label looks green or natural does not always mean that it is safe and non-toxic.

Find a trusted non-toxic line of products. Natural and non-toxic companies are popping up everywhere. Look for a company that discloses all ingredients. Many companies claim to be all natural or non-toxic but will not disclose all of the ingredients in their products. Do a little research and find a trusted company.

Custom-produce products. This is really the best way to assure a safe product. According to the book Modern Essentials, lemon, lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils are natural disinfectants. Mix the oils with baking soda, vinegar and or water to create a line of non-toxic cleaning products.

Kelli Parrish is a RN and Holistic Health Coach. For more information locally, call 419-305-2077 or visit

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