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News Briefs Submission

Submit noteworthy happenings that pertain to either your business or the community at large.

Primary examples of useful content include:
– new certification/classification/recognition of which your business is quite proud
– a move to a new location, or the opening of an additional location
– implementation of new technology/knowledge/equipment at your business
– announcing a special event to the general public

Please follow these guidelines when composing your submission:
– keep the length between 50-250 words
– utilize the 3rd person voice when composing your text
– be cognizant of the fine line between simply sharing useful information versus directly promoting yourself

News Briefs Submission Form

Things to think about while composing: Who did what, and when did it/is it going to happen? Why is this important to our readers? How is it going to benefit them, or even just basically be of interest to them?
List the following, as it should appear in the News Brief: - Person/Business - Telephone - E-mail - Website URL
Name, telephone, e-mail of the person SUBMITTING the News Brief

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