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New Wellness Center Serves Licking County

phoenix wellness center_logoPhoenix Wellness Center, newly opened in Johnstown, offers holistic health coaching for the surrounding community. Trudy Pieper, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) and resident of Licking County for 35 years, decided to open her practice in an agrarian community known for embracing natural and healthy activities. “In the 1980s we created a family co-op in Johnstown where 50 families brought their groceries together to provide local vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat for their children.” Trudy PieperAs a current extension of that goal to provide natural solutions for the wellbeing of area families, Pieper pursued her naturopathic degree and received certification from the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. “I want to provide quality health care and make an impact on subsequent generations,” she explains. Services include; a full health evaluation, iridology, applied kinesiology, face and nail analysis, Bach flower remedies, and classes on creating herb medicine and illness prevention.

Location: 10 S. Main St. For more information, call 740-616-9949 or email

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