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New Pet Waste Removal Service Provides Green Benefits

Green Scoop NBInspired to re-route the tremendous amount of pet waste that ends up in landfills by turning it into something useful, Jendell Duffner created Green Scoop Pet Waste Removal and Recycling, a new service company in Central Ohio. “This waste is literally going to waste,” says Duffner.

Green Scoop collects the pet waste and converts it to natural gas for electricity, fertilizer for local farmers, and EPA-approved organic compost. “It’s poop with potential,” she explains. Her company provides the collection bucket and liners, and their service plans begin at two pickups per month.

In addition to the collection service, Green Scoop sells bulk compost, t-shirts and compostable dog waste collection bags. Ten percent of each product purchased is given back to charity and the regional community via the local chapter of Boys & Girls Clubs, Columbus Recreation & Parks & Department and Central Ohio Metro Parks.

For more information, call 614-699-0011, email or visit

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