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New Indoor Cycling Studio Opens in Granville

Fly Method Cycle NB logo 2Fly Method Cycle is a new indoor cycling center located near downtown Granville. The facility was started by Jennifer Valenzuela, a certified fitness instructor. A staff of eight teachers holds spin (stationary biking) classes with workouts designed to incorporate components of cross training. Valenzuela explains, “The overall plan is to work the body differently each day, combining strength, body resistance, and yoga elements to help achieve fitness goals.”

One of the programs is called “The Method,” which includes a 20-minute bike ride, 20 minutes of body resistance exercises and 20 minutes of yoga. Leigh Brennan, owner of nearby yoga studio A Place to Call Om, developed the yoga portion of the program.

Classes start as early as 6 a.m. There are lunch and after-work options to accommodate other schedules.

Location: 203 E. College St. For more information, call 740-920-4287, email, or visit

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