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Natural Skin Care Company Announces Crowdfunding Campaign

Devera-NBDevera Naturals, a facial and body care line based in Bexley, has teamed up with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to help cover costs associated with expanded production and continued selection of additional organic ingredients for its products. The campaign starts September 15.

Crowdfunding is a method to raise an amount of money to fund a large project or goal through the collection of small contributions from multiple contributors, most commonly facilitated though the Internet. Financial backers often receive limited edition products or rewards for their commitment to the venture they support.

Devara Naturals was developed by Linda Joffe, who uses a “garden-to-face” approach that was cultivated over a period of extensive research through scientific study and backyard-to-kitchen formulation and testing.

For more information, call 614-236-0600 or visit Also visit after September 15.

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