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My Approach to Cancer

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. of The Wellness Forum

Rethinking Cancer Sidebar - Dr. Pam PopperA diagnosis of cancer almost always causes fear for patients and their families, and for very good reasons. Not only is cancer an unpredictable and often aggressive disease, but many of the traditional treatments do not stop its progression or cure it. The decisions made immediately following a diagnosis are extremely important.

1)      The first and most important decision is to not make a decision until enough information can be gathered to make a good one. Many oncologists pressure patients to begin treatment immediately, and infer that immediate action is the key to survival. This is not true most of the time.

I recommend that all cancer patients visit and obtain a Moss Report. Dr. Ralph Moss has developed reports specific to cancer types that outline the benefits and risks of traditional treatment, and other viable options. In many instances, the reports show that traditional treatment is useless, which can be discouraging, but it is better to know this sooner rather than later. I have seen many people over the years undergo treatment only to find out that their cancer has continued to progress and the treatment has contributed to the decline of their health status.

2)      In addition to making good treatment decisions, cancer patients should immediately adopt a program of dietary excellence. While diet alone is not enough to stop or reverse many cancers, it is an important tool for restoring health.

3)      Last, but not least, cancer patients should make their treatment decisions based on their own evaluation of the evidence, rather than pressure from well-meaning friends and family.  This allows patients to fully focus on the healing process.

Dr. Pamela A. Popper is the Executive Director of The Wellness Forum, a Worthington-based center for helping educate individuals change their health outcomes through improved diet and lifestyle habits. For more information, visit or call 614-841-7700.

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