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Master Your Mind

Sheri Mollica-Toth on Mindfulness

by Felicia Brower

Mindfulness Sheri Mollica-TothAccording to a 2013 survey on stress levels conducted by the American Psychological Association, 80 percent of Americans say their stress level increased or stayed the same over the past year. High levels of stress can lead to depression, anxiety, and other physical ailments and are very dangerous for those having difficulty coping. Thankfully, a shift might be on the horizon. Many people are finding relief with one effective and increasingly popular stress management technique: Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of being actively aware of one’s thoughts and focusing solely on the present moment. Instead of allowing thoughts to clutter the mind, Mindfulness involves focusing on one thought at a time. Focusing on one thought as opposed to many allows for conscious thought and clarity. Practicing Mindfulness on a regular basis has been shown to greatly reduce stress, maximize productivity and improve one’s general outlook on life.

Sheri Mollica-Toth, C.MI, has multiple certifications in Meditation Instruction. She helps her clients find an authentic path to complete mind-body-spirit wellness through what she calls “Peace Management,” which involves the use of Mindfulness and meditation integrated with vibrational therapies.

Why is Mindfulness important to you?

Just like everything else in the universe, humans need balance. In our world today, we seem to be making ourselves busier and busier through work, TV, extracurricular activities and technology. Although our connectivity is empowering and our constant multitasking can allow us to get a lot done, we have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information. Neurological downtime to the brain is like sleep to the body and it is crucial for us to maintain balance both physically and emotionally. When we allow ourselves to be fully aware and in the moment we invite and allow calmness, clarity, less fractured thinking, more joy, gratitude and good health!

How do you use Mindfulness in your daily life? 

I observe and allow. I am only human so of course I am hijacked by thoughts and frustrations as everyone else is. I have learned to observe my thoughts and understand how my body feels when this happens so I can adjust to a more peaceful disposition. Everyday I pick a few tasks to be mindful of. Doing this allows me to start my day fully aware and in the present. I meditate daily using Mindfulness breathing techniques. I try to sit for at least 30 minutes per day, but even if for only 10 minutes, the healing effects are huge. I also do walking meditation at least twice weekly. This allows me to connect with nature and be fully in the present moment with all that is around me.

How did you get started practicing Mindfulness?

Although I did not know what I was practicing at the time, I started actively practicing Mindfulness years ago when so many major things were changing in my life. I decided on my own to experiment with just “letting go” of the anxiety and allowing myself to take one day at a time. I could not believe how much this changed my life and altered my outlook! As I realized my life had been one big and daunting balancing act, I began to see what was and was not important. Mindfulness changed my life so dramatically that it is now the core of my teaching and my entire wellness studio practice.

Does Mindfulness get easier with time? 

Living in the present moment is not always easy, but it is extremely rewarding and beneficial. Mindfulness does take some effort, but the good news is that the longer you practice, the easier it gets, and the more joyful your life becomes!

Sheri Mollica-Toth is the founder and current director of Om2Ohm Wellness Studio in Powell. Learn more at

Felicia Brower is a freelance writer based in Columbus. Connect at or

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