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Marysville Herb and Honey Farm Launches School

MM NB 2Mockingbird Meadows has developed a new educational organization entitled “Eclectic Herbal Institute.” The institute’s founders are Mockingbird Meadows resident homesteaders Dawn and Carson Combs. The couple sees the school as a primary source for botanical health education in the area. They have also expanded their current list of herbal workshops and apprentice programs to include a full array of learning opportunities for the public. “Our classes are for those interested in herbal and holistic health at all levels,” says Dawn, an ethnobotanist with over 20 years of experience in the field as well as being an author and contributor to national magazines. “Our focus is to empower the individual to take control of their own health decisions.”

Programs will range from a single weekend course (“Botanical Home Health Intro”) to a full three-year curriculum that covers advanced and applied botanical health topics. Second-year students will learn about medicine making, anatomy and clinical assessment. The third year covers clinical work and mentorship in herb propagation and production, harvesting and processing, as well as marketing and sales, research, teaching and sustainable beekeeping. The full three-year program also prepares the student to qualify with the American Botanical Council for status as a Registered Herbalist (RH). Courses are taught by qualified permanent faculty, and will be supplemented with guest lectures by prominent speakers in the field.

Additionally, enhanced herbal seminars will be conducted at the farm, and community workshops will be given throughout the greater Central Ohio area in partnership with local businesses. The Institute already currently conducts a free monthly “Ask the Herbalist” mobile clinic at the Worthington Farmers’ Market.

Location: 16671 Burns Rd. For more information, call 614-354-5162 or visit

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