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Maintaining Wellness Beyond the Holidays

Jessica Stopp, Holistic Health Coach

Holiday Health Tips headshot - StoppWhen we think of staying healthy during the holidays, we usually think of food as a major player in the game. We are bombarded by social media posts about healthy holiday recipes, and lists of foods to avoid on a daily basis.

For those who are serious about seeking long-term wellness, working with a health coach or practitioner can provide tools to incorporate healthy choices that will last a lifetime. A lifestyle is a practice. Fad diets, calorie counting apps, and cutting back a few weeks or months out of the year is not going to last forever, and in the end often leaves us feeling worse than when we started.

All of us deserve to enjoy the holidays without guilt. If we practice an active, healthy life throughout the year, one piece of pie or an extra spoonful of a favorite side dish isn’t going to be the end of the world. We are allowed to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. This season, let us be present in their company, and not preoccupied with the guilt of what we should and should not eat.

Eating and being healthy is a conscious lifestyle choice that is not restricted to a certain time of year. In order to avoid the ups and downs of a fad diet, we need to understand that we are real human beings and that we are going to make mistakes and overindulge. Life happens. This is why working with a health coach can help maintain wellness throughout life. When life gets hard, we need to learn key strategies for maintaining the lifestyle we want. We need to incorporate these strategies into a real solution that works within our unique lives. Sometimes, we just need someone to keep us on track while we ride on this bumpy road to wellness.

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