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Integrated Wellness Company Launches Meal Delivery Service

Meal Service NB photoVidaFit, a Central Ohio organization providing healthful resources for wellness, now offers a meal program as part of their roster of services. The system, called True Food Delivery™, includes personalized meal plans, plus a nutritional counseling session.

Each meal is made from 100 percent organic, in-season ingredients; it does not contain any added salt or sugar, is sourced from local, family-owned farms, and is guaranteed to be fresh from harvest to plate within two days. Special dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, kid-friendly or gluten-free, are easily accommodated. Menus are unique for three weeks, then completely refreshed every four months to transition with the seasons.

The meals are prepared and delivered by disabled veterans, and arrive in biodegradable packaging purchased from minority-owned businesses. A percentage of all True Food Delivery™ proceeds are donated to local cancer support organizations. Plans start at $95 a week.

“The ideal meal plan is different for each individual. Everyone who signs up for the service receives one-on-one consultation with a registered dietitian to answer nutritional questions, review wellness goals and further personalize meal plans to maximize the experience and results,” says Julie Greenwald, lead registered dietitian for True Food Delivery™. Shawn Ehmann, VidaFit CEO, elaborates, “We want to make healthy living easy, but we also want to give people the tools to become self-sufficient. Our intention is to teach people portion control, the important ingredients to incorporate into their diet based on their wellness goals, and ways to bring out delicious flavors so they still enjoy mealtime.”

For more information, call 614-526-8432, email, or visit

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