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Historical Remedies Offer Modern Holistic Applications

Historical Remedies GBThe gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh borne by the three wise men in the New Testament Bible story were used at the time to treat arthritis, tuberculosis, syphilis, toothaches and leprosy. Frankincense and myrrh were luxuries of their day, derived from a gummy sap produced by the indigenous shrubby trees of the Arabian Peninsula. Both were also incorporated into ancient rituals, incense and embalming. Frankincense, after being charred and ground into a power called kohl, was widely used as the black eyeliner we associate with ancient Egyptians.

Today, both frankincense and myrrh appear in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as in aromatherapy. Several popular natural toothpastes contain myrrh to help maintain gum and tooth health. Frankincense carries anti-inflammatory properties, particularly in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Both are still used in the production of perfumes, but to a lesser extent than in ancient times.

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