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Business Spotlight: Generation Green

Business Spotlight: Generation Green

[publishers’ note: After 5 years of working hard to make Central Ohio greener, through their extensive eco-knowledge and resourceful product line, Heather and Steve Johnson of Generation Green made the family decision to close their store on April 13, 2013.  We’re honored to have featured them in our first issue, during what was to be their last full month of operation, and wish them well in their new endeavors.]

Helping Consumers Make Sustainable Choices

by Deena KlossHeather and Steve Johnson

Husband-and-wife team Steve and Heather Johnson run Generation Green, in Dublin, a retail store that sells eco-friendly, fair trade, locally made, non-disposable and non-toxic products. Their store is an extension of their own green lifestyle, which includes home composters and rain barrels, vegetable gardens, native plants and low-flow showerheads.

In 2008, the parents of two decided to follow a dream to open their own store, catering to other homeowners seeking healthy alternatives to traditional building products and home goods. They continue to spend hours researching products to find those that are safe for people and the planet. The store sells lawn and garden tools, cleaners and kitchen items. It also stocks a mix of clothing and style, décor and beauty products that are recycled, recyclable, reusable, sustainable, organic, biodegradable, compostable, gluten-, paraben- and synthetic fragrance-free, cruelty-free, fair trade, handmade or locally made.

Durable, American-made customer favorites include the Zip-It drain-cleaning tool and the snackTAXI. Zip-It is a little non-toxic plastic strip with barbs that pull out clogged hair from the sink drain, preventing the need for harsh chemicals. The snackTAXI is a sandwich and snack baggie that replaces the one-use disposable plastic baggies filling up trash cans across the country. These colorful cloth bags keep items fresh, can be used for dry items as well as fruits and veggies, and are hand- or machine-washable.

“Everything we do leaves an impact; we’re just trying to help ourselves and others make our impacts good ones,” Steve says. He believes that we all vote with our wallets, because each purchase tells the manufacturer that the consumer not only supports the product, but also what it is made of, where it came from and who made it. Steve adds, “We all make choices every day. Heather and I put Generation Green together to help people make good, healthy, environmentally safe choices for the benefit of ourselves and the next generation.”

Location: 6351 Sawmill Rd. (intersection of 161, next to Trader Joe’s). For more information, call 614-761-2222 or visit

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