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Sherry Macdonald
350 East Orange Road, Lewis Center

Elite Physiques NDWe are a no-membership studio that focuses on holistic fitness and nutrition. Fitness and nutritional needs differ greatly from person to person, which is why all of our programs are custom designed. We offer personal and small group training, nutritional counseling and yoga. We work with general fitness enthusiasts, injury or surgery post-rehab patients, and clients with cancer or Parkinson’s.

Lucy Bartimole, Managing Partner
1520 West 1st Avenue, Grandview Heights

Shift NDWe are a wellness studio that makes mindfulness the central focus in each of our classes, from gentle therapeutic yoga to the mindful cardio of our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), from tai chi to Nia technique. Here, we tune into the messages our bodies send and let go of what we think we ‘should’ be able to do, instead building on what we can do. Each class is geared to individuals by offering clear modifications that work for each body, and ends with a short meditation to practice mindfulness. Let us help you find your own range of motion and discover what is good for your body.

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