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Farmers’ Market Fixture Settles in Storefront

Boline NBIn the past year, Lily Shahar Kunning has carved out a presence in several farmers’ markets under the Boline Apothecary name. On April 1 she opened a bricks-and-mortar facility in the Beechwold neighborhood of Columbus, near like-minded environmentally conscious store City Folk’s Farm Shop.

Boline Apothecary offers herbal remedies, essential oils, local raw honey, flower essences and homeopathic medicine. Household items such as handcrafted tea mugs, locally made Neti pots and body care items, and essential oil diffusers are available as well. “As long as items abide by the ‘Organic, Ethical, Pronounceable and Effective’ rule we have for our products, I will stock them,” says Kunning.

To supply her stock of flowers, herbs, and oils, Kunning has initiated “bioregional herbalism”, contacting numerous family farms and community gardens to grow the botanicals she uses for ingredients in her remedies, and to provide bulk bins in-store so customers can fulfill their own ingredient needs. “This store will benefit city folk and country folk alike,” she points out.

Kunning wants to team up with local holistic practitioners and bring holistic healing to Central Ohio on a large scale. She has a practitioner room for rent in her facility that massage therapists, acupuncturists and other holistic healers are able to use.

The store will also host weekly classes on holistic healing topics, including: “Natural Baby Care”, “Tincture Making”, “Seasonal Allergy Remedies”, “Natural Home Cleaning”, “Herbs for Women’s Reproductive Health” and more.

Location: 4764 N. High St. For more information, call 614-517-0466 or email Also visit

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