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Electric Bicycle Store Opens in Columbus

Orbit City NB 2Orbit City Bikes, a new bicycle store in the Clintonville neighborhood, stocks electric bicycles, or e-bikes. E-bikes operate in the same manner as traditional bicycles, but with the added functionality of a battery-powered electric motor to provide propulsion when required.

Orbit City founder Tom Bennett became interested in the technology after battling with arthritis in his knees. “When I discovered e-bikes, it was like a new world opened for me. I was able to ride again,” explains Bennett. “It was thrilling.”

Besides providing older riders and riders with mobility issues the option of bicycling again, e-bikes empower seasoned riders by extending their range. Bennett notes that customers “frequently replace car trips with an e-bike trip.”

Another common application of the technology is with urban commuters, who use the motor on their way into work for time and hygiene reasons, but then get exercise by manually pedaling back home.

Location: 3030 N. High St. For more information, call 614-284-1299 or visit

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