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Eco-Friendly Auto Care Facility Comes to Central Ohio

Eco-Friendly Auto Care NBThe first Ohio franchise location of environmentally responsible national auto repair chain Honest-1 Auto Care is now open in northwest Columbus. Owners Danni and Michael Diol both have customer service backgrounds, and got involved with Honest-1 because of the corporate policy to listen to customers and inform them accurately and honestly. “It’s our responsibility to empower you with the necessary information on what’s best for the care, diagnosis and maintenance of your vehicle,” they say.

In addition to providing the Honest-1 direct and transparent approach, the Diols note, “Women now comprise 67 percent of auto repair customers.” Bearing that in mind, the décor and amenities are specifically tailored to suit females. Leather easy chairs and couches, an internet café, complimentary beverages and children’s play areas create a more comfortable waiting area experience. Cleanliness is a priority throughout the facility, and all cleaning products used onsite are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The shop offers two environmentally-friendly oil options; a re-refined synthetic blend oil, which requires 85 percent less energy to produce than oil refined from crude, and a 100 percent bio-based full synthetic oil. Standard operating practices in the maintenance area involve recycling materials when possible, and taking steps to conserve resources, such as washing their rags onsite with eco-friendly detergent.

The exterior features an electric vehicle (EV) charging station, green space and rainwater collection, with future plans to install a bank of solar panels.

Location: 1030 Old Henderson Rd. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact 614-434-8935 or visit

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