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Drink Herbal Teas for a Healthy Holiday

Holiday Health Tips headshot - PieperTrudy Pieper, Naturopathic Doctor with Phoenix Wellness Center

As winter approaches and we move into cold and flu season, try adding herbal teas to the diet. They will not only alleviate symptoms, but may prevent the onset of illness as well.  A warm cup of tea can give the immune system an extra boost during the busy holiday season. Steep one or two tea bags of the following in boiling water for three to five minutes, and enjoy:



Drinking a cup of nettle tea, also known as stinging nettle, is as good as taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Its iron content makes it a wonderful blood builder, and the presence of vitamin C aids in iron absorption. The tea increases circulation, helps with leg cramps, encourages hair growth and boosts the immune system. The taste of nettle leaf tea is as deep as its rich, dark green color.


Not only does ginger have a wonderful spicy taste, it is a great tea to help kick a cold before it starts. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory action helps it combat bronchitis, colds, congestion, flu, headaches and sore throats. For nausea, sip warm ginger tea with a little honey.


Also known as common or German chamomile, these daisy-like flowers have many medicinal properties. They are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal, making chamomile a powerful cold remedy. Additionally, it relaxes muscles and calms edgy nerves. Use it to boost immunity and provide a better night’s sleep.


The fruit might taste better, but the leaves, bark and roots contain outstanding healing potential. Blackberry tea has a rich berry flavor that helps counteract diarrhea, gastritis, intestinal flu and sore throats. One cup each day will keep your immune system ready to fight off colds and flu.

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