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Developing a Powerful Immune System

Holiday Health Tips headshot - KeiserDr. Julia Keiser, Chiropractor at Worthington Optimal Wellness

Cut out sugar:
Sugar weakens the immune system and provides a growth medium for viruses and bacteria

Manage stress:
Prolonged stress can contribute to chronic disease. The director of the Mind/Body Institute at Harvard University says that each time she consults with a newly diagnosed cancer patient her first question is, “What stressful event happened to you in the last two years?”

Get good sleep:
Eight hours of deep sleep provides the body adequate time to recharge, as well as fight off any existing bugs

Improve nerve function:
Chiropractic adjustments correct for this. The Preventive Medicine Institute found that patients under long term chiropractic care had 200 percent better than average immune system function. Studies on blood work done before and after an adjustment demonstrated similar results.

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