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Clintonville Resident Introduces In-Home Yoga Instruction

Clintonville Yoga NBBurgundie Miceli, a native of the Clintonville neighborhood in Columbus, got the idea to start her home-based business, Yoga Happiness, after a series of conversations about managing wellness inside busy daily schedules. This led to the realization that more people could begin practicing yoga if they had a teacher who could provide lessons at the student’s residence.

Her sessions are offered as either one-on-one or private group instruction, for 60 or 90 minutes in length. There is a free initial 30-minute consultation to determine the needs of the student. Her lessons are then uniquely designed for each person’s body. Furthermore, she provides notes after each session, including poses and additional recommendations to guide the student until the next session.

Yoga Happiness also provides corporate wellness sessions, and regularly conducts workshops in the local community. For those who do not have an adequate home environment to practice yoga, Miceli offers students the option to use the yoga room in her own home.

Miceli obtained her teacher training at the White Lotus Yoga Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. When developing and instructing her classes, she consistently draws from her own experience with yoga, which over time has helped her ease migraine pain, stay flexible and maintain physical balance.

Location: 234 E. Duncan St. For more information, call 614-446-2091, email, or visit

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