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Chiropractic Network Adds Powell Location

Powell Chiropractic NBRiverside Family Chiropractic, a wellness clinic led by Dr. Lee Thomas, is the newest Central Ohio addition to the global Maximized Living initiative. Maximized Living is a collective of chiropractor-run clinics that operate under a shared mission of treating the root cause of health care issues instead of focusing on the symptoms.

“Despite Columbus being one of the smartest cities in the world, it ranks among the worst in preventative care, smoking percentage and obesity rates,” says Dr. Thomas. “Our goal is to change that categorization through a specific, patient-centered approach that aims to reverse degenerative diseases and increase the functional capabilities of the body while helping to promote overall wellness.”

Maximized Living has a partnership with Olympic Team USA, and Dr. Thomas has worked closely with athletes from judo, wrestling and martial arts in his role as a Sports Performance Council Doctor. He is certified in structurally corrective chiropractic techniques, and he provides hormone-based exercise, cellular detoxification and nutrition education.

Location: 10248 Sawmill Pkwy. For more information, call 614-512-5175 or visit

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