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Charitable Frozen Treats Now in Central Ohio

Frozen Treats NBJ-POPS are all-natural, handcrafted ice pops that began as a fundraising effort. Owner Steven White started his company as a way to raise money for the people of Japan after a devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011. White lived in Japan for over two years as an English teacher and sought a way to help the country he considered his second home. He sold his frozen treats to co-workers in Atlanta and donated the proceeds to the American Red Cross for Japan relief.

When he moved back home to Columbus from Atlanta, he was encouraged to go into business by selling them to the general public. So he got a cart and started his company in Spring 2013.

White says his ice pops are a twist on the traditional frozen treat, with flavors such as: Lemon Basil, Pineapple Cilantro, Blackberry Sage and Watermelon Mojito. He uses local produce whenever possible and gets the inspiration for his flavors from fruits and herbs available at local farmers’ markets.

For more information, including where to find J-POPS, visit

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