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Celebrate Local Relocates in Easton

Celebrate Local NB 2Celebrate Local, a one-of-a-kind Columbus shop that showcases Ohio-produced handmade and artisan goods, has moved from Easton Town Center’s northeast corner to a larger, permanent space at 3952 Townsfair Way, adjacent to Panera Bread and across from Crate & Barrel.

Born from the Easton Farmer’s Market, the shop has grown from a seasonal pop-up store into an established hub for everything local, specializing in gifts from local artisans and food purveyors that encompass both mom-and-pop businesses and more well-known Ohio favorites. Gift-worthy items include local foods like salsa, sauces, beer and baked goods; children’s clothes and custom T-shirts; stationery and notecards; and artisan jewelry.

“It’s becoming popular for people to ‘buy local’ for others and themselves,” says owner and co-founder Heidi Maybruck.  “It’s really much larger than just a trend, though. Buying local is part of the greater sustainability movement at large, and people who shop with us value a greater connection between themselves and what they are buying. Some people buy local because they appreciate the familiarity of the town or city a product is coming from. Others like to purchase locally to reduce their environmental impact, or to strengthen their local economy. Whichever reason someone chooses, their decision helps to make a positive, sustainable difference.”

For more information, call 614-471-6446 or visit

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