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Stretch and Heal

Yoga Releases Emotions, Builds Resilience by Sarah Todd When a woman separated from her husband last fall, she tried hard to shut down her emotions. A 30-year-old working mother of two young boys, she felt she couldn’t afford to be sad or angry, even as she contemplated divorce. But something shifted when she began taking yoga classes in her town ... Read More »

What Peace Means to Children

The World We All Need by Kids for Peace Peace is… a wish that grows around the world everyone feeling music in their hearts everyone having someone to love everyone knowing they are in a safe place everyone knowing they are beautiful inside and out singing together making art and sharing it with others growing a garden, planting a tree ... Read More »

How Sweet It Isn’t

Sugar’s High, Hidden Costs by Kathleen Barnes “Am I a sugar addict?”  There’s an easy way to tell. “If you have to ask yourself, you are,” advises Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a renowned integrative physician in Kona, Hawaii, and author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now! The dangers of excessive sugar consumption, especially of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), are well known. ... Read More »

The Greening of Schools

More Student Awareness Means Less Waste by Avery Mack With paperless homework, bookless backpacks, zero waste lunches, plastic-free filtered water and classrooms without walls, today’s parents and teachers are bringing eco-friendly ways to schools and giving students an early appreciation of the importance of environmental health. Going green goes both ways—home to school and school to home. Alysia Reiner, an ... Read More »

Whole-Being Workouts

Moving the Body Opens the Door to Spirit by Lisa Marshall It’s the Sabbath, a day of prayer, and millions of people across America are quietly sitting or kneeling, humbly communing with a power greater than themselves. But inside the Alchemy of Movement studio in Boulder, Colorado, the Soul Sweat faithful are connecting with their higher power in a different ... Read More »

Fitness and Fueling

The Sweet and Salty of Exercise by Stephanie Hillman, RD, LD Mental clarity and weight management are two benefits commonly associated with an exercise regime. Anyone looking to lose those last few pounds or to increase the body’s calorie burning ability will find it a much easier task with a few hundred extra calories torched through exercise. A stressful day ... Read More »

The Beauty of Being Ourselves

Supermodel Sarah DeAnna on Self-Confidence by April Thompson Longtime supermodel Sarah DeAnna believes in our ability to shape both our life—and our looks. Raised by a single mom in the small farm town of Jefferson, Oregon, DeAnna made her way to Los Angeles after putting herself through college, earning a degree in international business marketing from Oregon State University, in ... Read More »

Fat Fight

Pets Need Diet and Exercise Too by Dr. Shawn Messonnier Obesity, a severe and debilitating illness, is the most common nutritional disease in both animals and people. The latest survey of 121 veterinarians in 36 states by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) and corroborating American Veterinarian Medical Association data reveal we have 80 million fat cats and obese ... Read More »

Highway in the Sky

The Fall Migration is in Full Thrilling Flight by Timothy Boucher Fall migration literally brings birds of a different feather than in springtime. Spring migration brings a glorious burst of song and color as millions of tiny feathered gems pour northward, singing their hearts out, flitting about with the excitement of arrival at their breeding grounds. They are relatively easy ... Read More »

Keep Moving

With the Help of a Personal Trainer by Debra Melani Maintaining one’s own fitness program can prove a challenge when the will to work out fizzles. Many people are getting help conquering roadblocks and staying on an effective path of regular exercise through an enduring relationship with a personal trainer. Approximately 6.4 million Americans now engage personal trainers, according to ... Read More »

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