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Walk this Way

Step Up to Barefoot Benefits by Randy Kambic Barefoot walking conjures images of children playing in open fields and families strolling on a beach, yet it can also embrace many other settings as part of a health and fitness routine and lifestyle of optimum wellness. As Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee attest in their new book, Barefoot Walking, “It’s not ... Read More »

Dog Sports

People & Pets Play Well Together by Sandra Murphy With most exercise programs, while his person works out, a dog stays home alone, counting squirrels outside the window and wishing Animal Planet wasn’t a rerun. How about bringing some of that exercise home so the pet gets fit, too? John E. Mayer, Ph.D., a Chicago clinical psychologist and author of ... Read More »

Coloring Our World

How Key Hues Can Help and Heal by Judith Fertig From relaxing in a hot tub amidst sparkling blue lights to sleeping soundly surrounded by soft-green walls, we continuously experience the subtle influence of colors in our surroundings. While humans have long appreciated nature’s chromatic displays, it wasn’t until 1666 that Sir Isaac Newton proved that white light from the ... Read More »

Dad and Daughter Dates

Making the Most of Cherished Time Together by Clint Kelly The ancient Greek playwright Euripides, renowned for his Greek tragedies portraying strong female characters, was likely a decent dad. He stated, “To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.” Entrepreneur and life coach Greg Wright, of Austin, Texas, updates the concept of this precious relationship in Daddy ... Read More »

Traveling Volunteers

Doing Good During Time Away by Avery Mack Ken Budd, former executive director of AARP and current editor-in-chief of Currents magazine, says, “I was approaching 40 when my dad died suddenly, and at the funeral, I heard people say how he’d changed their lives. So in midlife, I decided to change mine.”   Disaster Relief Budd, who lives with his ... Read More »

Reframing Personal Priorities

Craig Hamilton Explores the Gender Gap in Spiritual Growth by Kim Childs Craig Hamilton is a writer, radio host and workshop leader devoted to teaching people how to evolve their consciousness for the greater good. The former managing editor of What is Enlightenment? magazine, he went on to found Integral Enlightenment offering online education for those on a contemporary spiritual ... Read More »

The Fatherhood Factor

How Raising Children Changes Men by Armin Brott Becoming a father is one of the most defining benchmarks in a man’s life. University of California-Berkeley psychology professors and researchers Phil Cowan, Ph.D., and Carolyn Cowan, Ph.D., found that when asked how important each aspect of life felt over a two-year study period, childless men showed a significant increase in the ... Read More »

Grow, Pick, Grill

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty by Claire O’Neil In outdoor spaces from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Arch Cape, Oregon, produce is growing and grill embers are glowing. Growing a garden and grilling its bounty have never been more popular. For the first time since 1944, when 20 million “Victory” gardeners produced 44 percent of the fresh vegetables in the ... Read More »

Life Lift

Being Happy from the Inside Out by Judith Fertig Recent national and world events are giving pause and prompting many of us to join in a mounting enquiry as to the secrets of a happy life. “Happiness is the only true measure of personal success,” says Geoffrey James, of Hollis, New Hampshire, author of How to Say It: Business to ... Read More »

Hot Stuff

New Technology Multiplies Solar Efficiency There is huge potential in solar power, but our current methods of capturing the sun’s energy are limited as widely used silicon solar cells approach their theoretical limit of 33.7 percent efficiency. Now a Princeton University research team has applied nanotechnology principles to incorporate a design that significantly increases their efficacy. Led by Stephen Chou, ... Read More »

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