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Practitioner Spotlight: Leaves of Life

Integrative Wellness Center Promotes Natural Healing by Susan Post Traditional medicines are often prescribed as a treatment to cover up or eliminate symptoms without then digging deeper into the actual cause of an ailment. This is not the case at Leaves of Life. The professionals at this holistic office work to combine naturopathy, herbalism, lifestyle modifications, functional/integrative medicine and bio-identical ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Oasis of the Heart

Integrating Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit by Susan Post Many times just one course of treatment does not address the root of an issue or the total well-being of a patient. Increasingly, health and wellness are viewed holistically: several therapies coming together to promote the highest well-being, and that is exactly the approach at Oasis of the Heart. “The ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: The Reiki Center

Providing a Range of Therapies for Integrative Treatment by Susan Post Powerful work with a gentle touch. That is what is behind the Reiki sessions and other integrative therapies offered at The Reiki Center. Facility Director and Reiki Master Linda Haley has been helping clients heal for over 15 years. “I got into it the way most people probably do,” ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Beecher Chiropractic and Wellness Center

The Only Provider of BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy in Ohio by Susan Post What if there was a non-invasive, painless, drug-free way to treat conditions like ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety and stress? That is exactly what Beecher Chiropractic and Wellness Center, located in Gahanna, offers with BrainCore Neurofeedback therapy. The center is the only practice in Ohio to feature this therapy; one ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Integrative Hypnotherapy

From Hypnosis to Healing by Susan Post From firefighter and paramedic, to IT consultant, to certified hypnotherapist from the American Board of Hypnotherapy, TD Hickerson has experienced an interesting career progression, but one thing has remained constant – his love of helping others. “My first career was in the fire department. I was a paramedic and a professional firefighter, but ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Lani Lee

Healing through Acupuncture and Medical Qigong by Susan Post From allergies to ailments, Lani Lee is practicing alternative medicine disciplines that help patients of all ages address the root of their health problems. She administers her healing touch through acupuncture, medical qigong and NAET. Lee’s family is steeped in the practice of acupuncture. Her father was president of the Oriental ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Ohio Infrared Health

Radiation-Free Diagnostics by Felicia Brower Dena Johnston, RN, MSN, CCT, owner of Ohio Infrared Health, was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease at a young age. Her OB-GYN ordered frequent mammograms, and she started to wonder how it might affect her health. “I was concerned about the radiation exposure at such an early age, so I did some research and learned ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Active Edge Chiropractic

Customizing Total Health by Susan Post Active Edge Chiropractic is more than just a traditional chiropractic facility. It is an integrated health center designed to combine its chiropractic namesake with other health-minded programs and provide patients with long-lasting solutions to their physical ailments. Opened by chiropractors Dr. Jasmine Craner and Dr. Erik Hensel in March 2013, the practice has been ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Integra Acupuncture

Integra Acupuncture: Old Ways and New Combine for Wellness by Susan Post At Integra Acupuncture, patients can blend acupuncture, massage and health coaching to build their own road to wellness. Dr. Melissa Yang, L.Ac founded the practice in 2003 and has over 21 years of experience in the field. Dr. Yang’s educational background is extensive, with licensure in acupuncture and ... Read More »

Practitioner Spotlight: Worthington Optimal Wellness

Wellness as a Way of Life by Susan Post At Worthington Optimal Wellness, patients can expect an educational and personal approach to wellness. Chiropractor and Founder Dr. Julia Keiser and her team of specialists focus on getting to know each patient to find and solve underlying health issues that can keep a body from functioning optimally. Dr. Keiser started her ... Read More »

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